Our Cookie Privacy Policy

What are Cookies?

The cookies are a small piece of data consisting of a text-only string of information introduced by a particular website and are stored in the hard disk of the machine. They collect data relating to the browsing preferences and history, and such other information the user has provided to the website we dont store alot of cookies only to safe your password so you can login without putting in your password again.

Our Cookies

Our cookies aim to give the user an optimal use of socialboosts.nl. The collected information is also used for general marketing and statistical analysis. Our cookies do not collect personal data of user. Some cookies are communicated to the user’s hard disk by the third party. Smmfollows has no affiliation with such party. socialboosts disclaims any liability arising from such cookies. The client is advised to read the respective policy of the third party or block their entrance.

How to Stop Cookies

By default, the browsers are set to allow cookies. The user may opt to disable cookies if he/she does not want them to process in user’s machine by changing browser settings. It is also possible to configure browser setting allowing some and denying the others to have access to the user’s computer or set the browser to notify when a cookie knock. The ‘Help’ section of the browser may assist the user to manage the cookies preference.

Why do we use Cookies

We use Cookies to let our users get into our site faster without issues and relogins if u dont want us to use Cookies read the How to stop Cookies above. We only use Cookies for you to let you use our services even better for more info make a ticket or join the discord.